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Click here to support Timothy Hillenburg Family Fund by Christa Lee Garcia

Hey everyone

My best friend and his brother just lost their father recently and need help. As said above, the Hillenburg family has been put in a loss along with having a financial situation to deal with since their father’s passing. Since Tim did not have life insurance or any savings the family is having difficulty with money for funeral services and is at risk of losing their home. This website is 100% legitimate and all money raised will go to my best friend’s mother for funeral cost and other expenses to help them get back on their feet. Anything helps and would be greatly appreciated, if someone donated even a 1$ that would help. Please the least that can happen is for this to get reblogged; not for the post count but for someone to come across this and be able to help even more by donating. If you took the time to at least read this thank you very much.

R.I.P. Timothy Marion Hillenburg

Any info on a great deal for cameras would be greatly appreciated! :D

It is that time of year where you’re guy friends (such as myself) and boyfriends will not be in touch with you for sometime because these bad ass games came out. If you ever want to see me you’re best chance to catch me or hear from me is at work or if you’re a gamer babe and play Xbox live. If not then see you in a few months haha.

TT2 Team Members Wanted

Hey so I made a team on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and it’s called WESTSIDEGUNZ and I’m trying to recruit some people so if you’re interested sign up online at (wtf stands for world tekken federation and don’t use AOL cause you won’t get the confirmation email) and hmu on Xbox live my gt is xxMaz246xx and show me what you got to dish out to other players.
Also if you’re getting COD:BO2 and have COD:ELITE hmu I’m starting something up for that as well.
Later girls because ill be doing nothing but working and playing video games haha XD

Haha my little bro is me literally XD

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